–debug 输出CURL命令,显示执行命令的时候发起的请求
–no-sync 发出请求之前不同步集群信息
–output, -o ‘simple’ 输出内容的格式(simple 为原始信息,json 为进行json格式解码,易读性好一些)
–peers, -C 指定集群中的同伴信息,用逗号隔开(默认为: “”)
–cert-file HTTPS下客户端使用的SSL证书文件
–key-file HTTPS下客户端使用的SSL密钥文件
–ca-file 服务端使用HTTPS时,使用CA文件进行验证
–help, -h 显示帮助命令信息
–version, -v 打印版本信息


./etcdctl --endpoints=https://10.1.xx.xx:3379, https://10.2.xx.xx:3379 --user=username:passwd --cacert=ca.pem --cert=cert.pem --key=key.pem get /config/ --prefix


./etcdctl put /config/redis '
Server = ""
Password = ""


./etcdctl get /config/redis

Server = ""
Password = ""


./etcdctl del /config/redis


ETCDCTL_API=3 ./etcdctl get /config/redis


./etcdctl -h
	alarm disarm		Disarms all alarms
	alarm list		Lists all alarms
	auth disable		Disables authentication
	auth enable		Enables authentication
	check datascale		Check the memory usage of holding data for different workloads on a given server endpoint.
	check perf		Check the performance of the etcd cluster
	compaction		Compacts the event history in etcd
	defrag			Defragments the storage of the etcd members with given endpoints
	del			Removes the specified key or range of keys [key, range_end)
	elect			Observes and participates in leader election
	endpoint hashkv		Prints the KV history hash for each endpoint in --endpoints
	endpoint health		Checks the healthiness of endpoints specified in `--endpoints` flag
	endpoint status		Prints out the status of endpoints specified in `--endpoints` flag
	get			Gets the key or a range of keys
	help			Help about any command
	lease grant		Creates leases
	lease keep-alive	Keeps leases alive (renew)
	lease list		List all active leases
	lease revoke		Revokes leases
	lease timetolive	Get lease information
	lock			Acquires a named lock
	make-mirror		Makes a mirror at the destination etcd cluster
	member add		Adds a member into the cluster
	member list		Lists all members in the cluster
	member promote		Promotes a non-voting member in the cluster
	member remove		Removes a member from the cluster
	member update		Updates a member in the cluster
	migrate			Migrates keys in a v2 store to a mvcc store
	move-leader		Transfers leadership to another etcd cluster member.
	put			Puts the given key into the store
	role add		Adds a new role
	role delete		Deletes a role
	role get		Gets detailed information of a role
	role grant-permission	Grants a key to a role
	role list		Lists all roles
	role revoke-permission	Revokes a key from a role
	snapshot restore	Restores an etcd member snapshot to an etcd directory
	snapshot save		Stores an etcd node backend snapshot to a given file
	snapshot status		Gets backend snapshot status of a given file
	txn			Txn processes all the requests in one transaction
	user add		Adds a new user
	user delete		Deletes a user
	user get		Gets detailed information of a user
	user grant-role		Grants a role to a user
	user list		Lists all users
	user passwd		Changes password of user
	user revoke-role	Revokes a role from a user
	version			Prints the version of etcdctl
	watch			Watches events stream on keys or prefixes

      --cacert=""				verify certificates of TLS-enabled secure servers using this CA bundle
      --cert=""					identify secure client using this TLS certificate file
      --command-timeout=5s			timeout for short running command (excluding dial timeout)
      --debug[=false]				enable client-side debug logging
      --dial-timeout=2s				dial timeout for client connections
  -d, --discovery-srv=""			domain name to query for SRV records describing cluster endpoints
      --discovery-srv-name=""			service name to query when using DNS discovery
      --endpoints=[]		gRPC endpoints
  -h, --help[=false]				help for etcdctl
      --hex[=false]				print byte strings as hex encoded strings
      --insecure-discovery[=true]		accept insecure SRV records describing cluster endpoints
      --insecure-skip-tls-verify[=false]	skip server certificate verification (CAUTION: this option should be enabled only for testing purposes)
      --insecure-transport[=true]		disable transport security for client connections
      --keepalive-time=2s			keepalive time for client connections
      --keepalive-timeout=6s			keepalive timeout for client connections
      --key=""					identify secure client using this TLS key file
      --password=""				password for authentication (if this option is used, --user option shouldn't include password)
      --user=""					username[:password] for authentication (prompt if password is not supplied)
  -w, --write-out="simple"			set the output format (fields, json, protobuf, simple, table)



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